Volunteers for the Board of Directors​ and Annual Meeting


Annual Homeowners Meeting is Thursday, January 24 at 6:30 pm​ at the Grange Hall on Court St.

The Grange Hall is next to Knutzen’s Meats and across the street from Mid Columbia Grocery Gas Station.

As a community, we will elect volunteers to the board of directors. Please understand that attending our annual meeting is your only opportunity to vote for new Board of Directors members. Look for an email from the HOA with an introduction and information about those who have already consented to run for a position – we have five volunteers.

Last Call for Board of Directors Volunteers

If you are interested in joining the Ivy Glades Board of Directors, please email Todd Schroeder or Carla Metcalf by TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 6:00 PM​

  • ​Todd Schroeder (President) ivygladespresident@gmail.com
  • Carla Metcalf (Vice-President) metcalfcrm@msn.com

As residents of this wonderful planned community, we each have an obligation to share the responsibility of maintaining Ivy Glades’ quality of life that we all enjoy. As you know, with the lack of volunteers, community projects and tasks need to be “hired out” to help maintain our beautiful surrounds. One can imagine over time this option would be extremely expensive. Your board of directors is doing its best to keep these costs down.

In addition to volunteering for a position on our Board of Directors, we have other committees that require volunteers. If you have an interest with a particular committee, please contact Carla Metcalf by email at metcalfcrm@msn.com for more information:

  • Covenant Compliance
  • Welcome Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Maintenance Committee
  • Design Committee
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Assist/maintain email community announcements via our email distribution software called mailchimp.com
  • Any other interests?  Ask Carla

Heartfelt Thank You

Thanks to everyone who have donated their time and talents to help make Ivy Glades a great place to live, raise a family, and/or retire. In order to keep costs down for homeowners, and be good stewards of the monies we have been entrusted with, it’s with a joyful heart that many step up and pitch in where needed. Thanks.

-Todd Schroeder, President, Ivy Glades Board of Director

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