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Download the map of the Ivy Glades community in .pdf format here.

Effective October 14, 2019

Celski & Associates is now The HOA Management Group

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New Address

6725 W. Clearwater Avenue

Kennewick, WA 99336

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Thea (Likens) Riddle

Phone: 509-579-4101

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Ivy Glades Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s)

Ivy Glades Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) and other important resident documents can be downloaded from your HOA Management Portal.

From the HOA Portal url on your browser, sign in, click “Shared Documents” on the left-side menu, choose a file and download to most up-to-date documents.

The Ivy Glades residential subdivision in Pasco, Washington is a covenanted community to assure certain standards of architectural design, landscaping and living conditions are maintained by homeowners and their families. Our desire is to enhance and perfect the value, desirability and attractiveness of the entire property. Click on the links below to save each document to your computer. The files are in .pdf format.

Ivy Glades Community Guidelines

The guidelines listed below are intended only for use by current residents and those interested becoming an “Ivy Glader” in the future. Click on the desired link below to save each document to your computer. The files are in .pdf format.

Ivy Glades Architectural/Design Committee

The mission of the Architectural/Design Committee is to ensure that all construction and landscaping projects within Ivy Glades are in accordance with the current CC&R’s and guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the Committee, together with homeowners, to preserve the special qualities that have attracted residents to Ivy Glades. In doing so, heavy emphasis is placed on the use of forms, styles and landscaping that are in concert with an overall theme of the development. The spacious, unobstructed view corridors throughout the development are one example of the unique qualities that the Committee seeks to preserve.

All improvements to Ivy Glades properties must be submitted to the Committee for prior approval. These improvements include:

  • all home construction and remodeling projects
  • house paint colors, unless the homeowner is repainting with originally approved colors
  • landscape design and improvements, fencing and tree placement

The approval process and submission requirements are explained in the Architectural/Design Guidelines document. The Committee uses the Architectural/Design Review Form to inform the homeowner of their job status.

Architectural/Design Committee Members 2019

  • Carla Metcalf (Chairperson) – (208) 413-1515, 6 Bluestar Ct.
  • Jim Gaston
  • Ken Kuklinski
  • John Limbaugh
  • Boyd Kostoff

Currently, the Architectural/Design Committee meets the first and third Mondays of each month. Please submit completed forms and requirements to the Design Committee Chairperson at least two days prior to each meeting.

Ivy Glades Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is responsible for mowing and maintaining all common areas and that all sprinklers are in working order. The Committee is also responsible for road repairs, snow removal, storm drain maintenance, inspecting/treating all common area trees and working on any improvements to the neighborhood that are proposed each year.

Ivy Glades Common Areas are defined as:

  • the two entrances into Ivy Glades
  • the borders on the north, along Court Street
  • the border on the west, part way down Road 76
  • the Sandy Way common area, which is a little over one acre
  • the Buttercup common area, which is about ½ acre with a paved path that connects to the pedestrian/bike trail along the Columbia River
  • the area surrounding the kids playground
  • the area along Ivy Lane from the entrance at road 74 to the circle at the Sandy Way common area
  • the parking lot and common area at 17 Ivy Lane
  • the landscaped circles with grass and trees

To report a maintenance issue, send an email to

Pasco Good Neighbor Handbook

Download the Pasco Good Neighbor Handbook for information from the city of Pasco about how to be a good neighbor. The file is in .pdf format.